GEAR PLUS Available Now!

GEAR PLUS, a new generation of virtual reality glasses, has been launched. After years of research and development, GEAR PLUS is a game changing, user-oriented VR. Incredible visuals, ease of use, advanced specifications and ultra-comfortable fit make GEAR PLUS the latest and greatest in VR.




Weighing 9.28 ounces, it makes the user feel a sense of weightlessness because of the technologically advanced materials of softness and comfort. GEAR PLUS also features an adjustable pupil distance appliance on the VR. Because the exact pupil distance varies from person to person, this feature assures that the user can experience VR under the best circumstances, seeing all the images fully whilefully protectinghis or her eyesight.


The interior face cushioning of GEAR PLUS features a removable sponge that can be replaced regularly. The exterior is crafted from high-density ABS and PC, with advanced coating for the best stability and wear. The striking design style of GEAR PLUS makes it hard to miss.


Visual Reality is a popular trend capturing the attention of many. Vox+ introduces GEAR PLUS to make the visual into reality for anyone, to witness life in a creative and fascinating way of sensing, touching and moving. Without a doubt, Vox+ and GEAR PLUS presentthe world with thrill and enjoyment not previously experienced.

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Join the visual revolution with GEAR PLUS!